V Loop Grey Hair Men Toupee 0.08-0.1mm Skin PU Human Remy Hair Prosthesis Wig Full Skin PU Hairpiece Men Toupee Hair Replacement


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  • Knot: V loop
  • Size: 8*10
  • Model Number: PU Men Toupee
  • Toupee Base: PU
  • Hair Material: European Hair
  • Toupee Texture: 30mm
  • Hair Grade: Remy Hair
  • Life Span: 6 months
  • Longest Hair Proportion: >=60%
  • Brand Name: evagloss
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Prosthesis Male Wigs: Prosthesis Male Wigs
  • Prosthesis Men Wigs: Prosthesis Men Wigs
  • Pure Handmade For Men Wigs: Pure Handmade For Men Wigs
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Human Hair Men's Toupee Real Indian Remy Human Hair Mens Wig Swiss Lace Thin PU Toupee Durable Hair Replacement Hair System For Men

Toupee Size

Hair Color
#210%=Darkest Brown with 10% White;
#220%=Darkest Brown with 20% White;
#240%=Darkest Brown with 40% White;
#310%=Dark Brown with 10% White;
#320%=Dark Brown with 20% White;
#340%=Dark Brown with 40% White;
#350%=Dark Brown with 50% White;
#410%=Medium Brown with 10% White;
#420%=Medium Brown with 20%White;
#440%=Medium Brown with 40% White;
#613= Blonde #60r=White Blonde
If you are not sure about choice of your color shade, it is not a big deal. Nobody has own hair in one color tone. Hair always has more color undertones, which together make your color shade,If you only want the color the same as your own hair color shade,you can contact us for the real picture , we will help our best to help you find the color as you needed.

Delivery Time
Fast Shipping takes 3-7 days, and AliExpress Standard Shipping takes 15-25 days. If you want to get your hair quickly, then you need to choose fast Shipping, and you will get your package quickly.

How To Measure Toupee Size

Hair Density


Color Ring

How to Apply?


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