Hair Straightening Cream And Comb Set Nourishing No Hurting Repair Damaged Hair Keratin Smooth Care Improving Frizziness Ionperm


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  • Quantity: 1
  • NET WT: 180ml
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Hair Relaxer
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit

Hair Straightening Cream And Comb Set Nourishing No Hurting Repair Damaged Hair keratin Smooth Care Improving Frizziness Ionperm

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[Product Specifications]

• 100% brand new and high quality

•Type: Hair straightening cream/natural herbal hair relaxer

•Content: 180ml

• Date: 3years


This product contains plant collagen and vitamin ingredients, designed to repair curly hair in a natural way.

Mainly strengthen hair roots, fundamentally improve hair quality, while moisturizing, protect hair color and natural elasticity, repair curly hair, effectively reduce curly hair damage and maintain fragrance and smoothness. This is the first choice for keeping straight hair products.


1. Wash hair and blow dry 80% before use

2. Check the hair quality (how to use) and divide the hair into several parts;

3. Dip into the hair and place the product 2 cm away from the scalp;

4. Wait a few minutes to test whether the hair softening is successful. During this period, you should continue to straighten your hair with a comb. After success, rinse and dry your hair. Hold the hair with both hands and don't let it bend.

5. After waiting for ten minutes, rinse and blow dry.

6. Selective use of splints. If you have higher requirements for straight hair, it is recommended to use a splint after drying your hair.


1. Do not use if the scalp is damaged

2. Start combing 2-3 cm from the root

3. Please leave a small amount of it behind the ear before use to check if it is allergic

4. Children and pregnant women

5. Please do not leave the hair cream on your hair for too long.


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