CkeyiN Neck Face Lifting Machine Face Massager Photon Therapy Eye Massage Tool Vibration Anti Wrinkle Double Chin Remover


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  • Working Principle: Vibration Massage
  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Function: Skin Tightening,Anti Wrinkle,Lifting
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Model Number: MR556/604
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand Name: CkeyiN
  • CKEYIN Model: MR556
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE


1. The neck beauty instrument adopts a biomimetic design concept, resembling a m-shaped dolphin tail, which is novel and concise.

2. The massage head is specially designed for the neck, aligning with human engineering for a sleek and sleek appearance. It is designed to help deliver energy to various parts of the skin and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

3. The massage head is heated to activate the skin at 45 degrees, matched with three IPL acoustic modes of low, medium, and high speed, as well as blue, green, and red color light modes for massage.

4. This device can promote blood circulation, stimulate acupoints on the neck, alleviate pressure points, clear knots, stimulate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation and metabolism, accelerate the discharge of accumulated toxins and waste, delay skin cell aging, diminish neck contour, reduce swelling, relax the neck, eliminate fatigue quickly, and restore energy.


Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Output voltage: 3.7V

Maximum power: 2.5W

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Vibration frequency: 7000 times/minute

Product level: 3 levels

LED:Green light, red light, blue light

❥Product List:

1 * Neck Beauty Instrument

1 * Power Cord

1 * English Manual


1. The Neck Beauty Instrument is a sleek and portable beauty device that aims to enhance the beauty of your neck. Designed with human engineering in mind, it features a streamlined massage head that is specially designed for the neck. The massage head delivers energy to every inch of your neck, gently radiating warmth and radiance.

2. The 45 ℃ warm feeling and three color light modes of the massage head are specially designed to achieve the desired results of beauty and neck care.
a. The blue light mode promotes the synthesis of collagen, tightens and firms the skin, and narrows the pores.
b. The green light mode improves skin oxygenation and promotes micro-circulation, which helps to alleviate lymphedema and white water swelling.
c. The red light mode enhances cell activity, accelerates blood flow, and promotes the growth of fiber cells and collagen.

3. The Neck Beauty Reflex features mode memory function and a 60-second reminder to easily adjust the massage time. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and is recharged via a USB cable.

4. The Neck Beauty Reflex is a powerful and effective beauty device that is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your neck and the overall look of your body.


Material: ABS

Voltage: DC5V

Power: 2.3W

Battery capacity: 800 mAh

Charging time: about 3 hours

Use time: about 5 hours

Mode: 3

Low gear mode (blue light + moderate vibration)

Moderate speed mode (green light + strong shock +45℃±5℃ magnetothermal therapy)

High-speed mode: (red light + strong shock +45℃±5℃ magnetic thermal therapy)

❥Packing list:

Neck beauty device*1

USB charging cable*1

Multi-effect skin care and neck beauty instrument

800 mAh battery capacity
About 3 hours charging time.
3 modes can be adjusted at will
Approximately 5 hours of battery life

Streamline massage head design

Adhering to the curvature of the neck and ergonomic design, it delivers energy to every inch of the neck skin.

【Three-color photoacoustic wave mode】 Deeply heat collagen cells, lighten spots, brighten skin tone, strengthen metabolism, inhibit acne, and hide pores

Low gear mode:(blue light + moderate vibration)

Moderate speed mode :(green light + strong shock + 45°℃+5℃ magnetothermal therapy)

High-speed mode:(red light + strong shock + 45℃+5℃ magnetic thermal therapy)

With pattern memory function, and 60 seconds intimate reminder, easily adjust the massage time

Mini-portable appearance, USB cable charging, can be used anytime, anywhere

【Scientific skin care】

The high frequency vibrations and sonic iontophoresis enhance the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively.


1. The Neck Beauty instrument is a beauty treatment device specifically designed for the neck. It can be used to alleviate various skin problems such as eye swelling, reduce pores, and firm skin. It is also suitable for post-sunbath, beauty, microdermabrasion, and sensitive redness.

2. The cold compress function can reduce eye swelling, narrow pores, and promote skin firmness. It can also be used in the event of a sunburn or for sensitive redness.

3. The ultrasound high-frequency vibration and EMS intermittent pulsed electric current can activate the activity of collagen, tighten skin, and effectively counteract fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation.

4. The instrument features a unique dolphin tail design, which is exquisite and perfectly fits the curves of the jawline, neck, and shoulder.

5. There are six modes and four levels of the Neck Beauty instrument, which meet different needs.
a. The voice wave soothing mode is suitable for massage skin and achieve high efficiency cleaning. (high-frequency vibration + heating)
b. The Skin rejuvenation mode can accelerate circulation and activate skin. (high-frequency vibration + heating + red light)
c. The warm feeling lifting mode is suitable for balancing skin color and guiding nutrients into the skin. (high-frequency vibration + heating + green light)
d. The wrinkle-concealing mode can intensively repair skin and conceal wrinkles. (high-frequency vibration + heating + orange light)
e. The cold compress nursing mode is suitable for refreshing and moisturizing skin.(high-frequency vibration + cold compress)
f. EMS firming Mode: Restores elasticity and tightens the skin (high-frequency vibration+EMS+blue light)

6. The Neck Beauty instrument is small and portable, and can be used anytime and anywhere with a USB cable for charging.

7. It has a built-in protection feature that shuts down the device if it is not used for 5 minutes.


Material: ABS+PC

Battery capacity: 800 mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Usage time: 1-2 hours

Gears: 4

Mode: 6

Charging display: When charging, the indicator light flashes and remains on when fully charged

Line length: 46cm ± 2cm



Base * 1

manual * 1

USB charging cable * 1

Hot and cold compress, LED, Ion, EMS micro-current, High frequency

Multi- functional Skin Care

Forehead wrinkles: Massage up and down to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
Nasolabial folds: Lift to reduce creases.
Double chin: Reshape the area.
Neck wrinkles: From the collarbone to the ear, tighten the skin.

4 Types Energy LED, Improve Micro-circulation

Blue light: Helps recover elasticity and firmness of the skin.
Green light: Helps balance the skin and enhances nutrient absorption.
Orange light: Helps repair the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Red light: Accelerates skin rejuvenation and improves overall skin texture.

45-degree magnetic thermal therapy activates the bottom of the skin.

After constant temperature heating, gently push and massage the skin to promote blood circulation and stimulate the flow of energy through the meridians. This can help improve skin health and promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

High frequency vibration

The smart chip with high frequency vibration technology provides an even and continuous soothing massage to your neck, giving it a luxurious SPA experience. This helps to promote blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, and relieve muscle tension and soreness. With its advanced features, you can enjoy a professional-quality massage at home or on-the-go.

Cold Compress Function (New)

Help balance the skin, relieve redness, and shrink the pores.

Cold Massage Head, Refresh the skin and reduce the appearance of the acne


Electro-ion decomposition allows nutrients to penetrate the skin and improves the rate of nutrient absorption. When combined with a neck cream or neck mask, the effect is doubled.


The release of indirect pulse current stimulates the production of ATR, improves the elasticity of facial muscle fibers, activates collagen, and tightens the skin.


a. Power on the device.
b. Grip the ion sensor loop.
c. At the same time, touch the metal guide head to the skin to complete the circuit and activate the product.
d. The product will disconnect automatically when the metal guide head is removed from the skin.


Suitable for all skin types and age groups.

Using it correctly can double the effect

1. Clean: Please perform the cleansing step.
2. Thermal Infusion: Apply a warm, dry cloth to the neck for approximately 2 minutes.
3. Application: Apply neck cream, massage oil, or other suitable products to the neck.
4. Mode Selection: Turn on the power, select the mode, and place the metal tip on the skin. After use, clean the product as desired and store it properly.
5. Nourishment: Apply the metal tip to the skin and massage from bottom to top.
6. Maintenance: After use, clean the product with a soft cloth and store it in a well-ventilated area.

Quality from the details: compact and protable


Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, intermittent pulse current released by EMS, blue, red, purple, green four-color light, jointly promote blood circulation, stimulate acupoints on the face and neck, dredge meridians, improve circulation, promote metabolism, facilitate the elimination of accumulated waste, slow down the aging of epidermal cells, achieve the effects of reducing neck wrinkles, reducing swelling, relaxing shoulders and neck, acupoint therapy, quickly eliminating fatigue, and restoring physical fitness.

CLEAN mode: blue light + vibration, inhibits acne and purifies the skin, shrinks pores.

MOIST mode: green light + vibration, balances and stabilizes the skin.

EMS mode: purple light + EMS, promotes collagen production, delicate lifting.

HOT mode: red light + heat, accelerates skin blood circulation, revitalizes and nourishes the skin.

Mini and portable design, USB charging, can be used anytime, anywhere.


Material: ABS

Voltage: DC5V

Power: 2.5W

Battery capacity: 300 mAh

Charging time: about 2 hours

Use time: about 1.5 hours

Modes: 4 (CLEAN mode, MOIST mode, EMS mode, HOT mode)

Gear: 3

Cable length: 25±2cm

❥Package include:

Neck Beauty Instrument*1

Type-c charging cable*1

Storage bag *1

Instruction manual *1

Four Modes

CLEAN mode: blue light + vibration, inhibits acne and purifies the skin, shrinks pores.
MOIST mode: green light + vibration, balances and stabilizes the skin.
EMS mode: purple light + EMS, promotes collagen production, delicate lifting.
HOT mode: red light + heat, accelerates skin blood circulation, revitalizes and nourishes the skin.

EMS Microcurrent & High Frequency Vibration

EMS Microcurrent: Releases intermittent pulsed current to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.
High Frequency Vibration: Helps relax the muscles in the neck and promote the flow of energy along the meridians.

45°C hot compress

Gently warms and relaxes the skin, boosts blood circulation, and enhances the absorption of nutrients.

How to use

Lift up from chin to cheek: Helps lift and firm the skin from the chin to the cheek area.
Lift up from cheek to outer canthus: Helps lift and firm the skin from the cheek to the outer corner of the eye.
Lift up from neck to chin: Helps lift and firm the skin from the neck to the chin area.
Lift up from chin to maxilla: Helps lift and firm the skin from the chin to the jawline.


1. This beauty instrument is a multifunctional beauty device that combines heat, high-frequency micro-vibration, light therapy, and ion therapy. It is used in conjunction with skincare products to achieve strong skincare effects. Its powerful effects can make your skin firm and elastic.

2. The high-frequency sound wave vibration is generated at a frequency of 12,000 times per minute. This vibration can rebuild the collagen in the skin, tighten the pores, help promote better absorption of moisturizer and face cream into the skin, eliminate bags and edema,reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

3. The 42-degree heating and massage function helps to relax your complexion, promote skin firmness, enhance skin texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

4. The elliptical surface design of the massage head makes it snugly fit against the skin, providing 360-degree coverage. Even the corners of the nose and mouth can enjoy the benefits of the beauty treatment.

The beauty treatment is simple to perform, with a small size that is easy to carry with you.


Material: ABS

Voltage: DC5V

Power: ≤1W

Charge: USB charging

Cable length: 25cm±2cm

Battery capacity :250mAh

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Use time: about 4 hours

Gears: 2 gears (Blue light vibration, red light warm vibration)

Vibration frequency: 12000±1500rpm

❥Package include:

1*eye massager

1*charging cable

Color light care technology

Color light energy penetrates into the depths of the skin, enhancing skin vitality, and making eyes clear and transparent.
Red light mode: Wavelength of 620-630nm, revitalizes eye muscles.
Blue light mode: Wavelength of 590nm, softens the skin and removes wrinkles.


This product is suitable for treating dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, dry lines, eye fatigue, and weak lip lines.

Warm up and moisturize the skin to effectively eliminate eye bags.

42+3°C constant temperature hot compress.
12000 times/min micro-vibration.
activate skin cells and repair skin elastic fibers.

Red light and blue light

Blue light can relieve fatigue, tighten skin, and restore skin elasticity.
Red light can promote circulation, lift the eyes, and have anti-aging effects.

Multi Functional Massage Pen, Take Care of All Parts of The Face

Massage Lips, Moisturize Lips – Lips do not have sebaceous glands, making them thinner and more delicate. A warm massage can help to reduce fine lines.
Fully absorb and promote the absorption of the eye mask – Hot compress can enhance the absorption of the essence in the eye mask, resulting in brighter and smoother skin around the eyes.
Take care of the neck and create a graceful neck – The skin on the neck is very thin and prone to developing deep lines. It’s important to take care of your neck to avoid revealing your age.

3-step eye care:

1. Apply skin care products evenly around the eyes.
2. Turn on the eye beauty instrument and gently lift it from the corner of the eye to the temple.
3. Gently press and massage, choose different modes based on personal preferences.

3-step face care:

1. Apply skin care products evenly on the face.
2. Turn on the facial beauty instrument and gently lift it from the corner of the eyes and mouth.
3. Massage the lymph nodes around the cheeks, and massage around the parotid gland.

3-step care of lips:

1. Apply the lip balm evenly on the lips.
2. Turn on the lip beauty instrument and gently glide it from the center of the lips to the top of the lips.
3. Massage back and forth on the upper and lower lip areas.


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