Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap for Hair Growth – 70 LEDs 635nm and 850nm


Reignite your hair’s vitality with our Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap. This innovative cap, equipped with 70 red light therapy LEDs, offers a non-invasive, painless solution for hair loss concerns. Stylish and discreet, it promotes healthier hair and encourages natural growth. Take the first step to revitalizing your hair with our Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap today.

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Product Description: Experience the future of hair care with our Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap, designed to address hair loss and promote regrowth effectively. This cutting-edge cap is equipped with 70 high-quality LEDs, harnessing the power of red light therapy to stimulate hair follicles, improve hair health, and encourage natural growth.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Red Light Therapy:

  • Our cap features 70 powerful LEDs that emit red light in the ideal wavelength range for hair growth. This therapeutic light stimulates hair follicles, increases blood circulation, and enhances the overall health of your hair.

2. Clinically Certified:

  • This cap is backed by a range of certifications, including CE, Dot, EAC, EPA, FCC, GMP, RoHS, TGA, UL, KC, pse, and WEEE, ensuring its safety and efficacy in promoting hair growth.

3. Easy-to-Use Design:

  • The therapy cap is designed for user convenience. Simply put it on and adjust it comfortably. Its portable and hands-free design means you can wear it while going about your daily activities.

4. Versatile Hair Care:

  • Suitable for both men and women, this cap is a versatile solution for various hair-related concerns, including seborrheic alopecia. It can be used as a standalone hair care tool or as part of your existing hair treatment regimen.

5. Non-Invasive and Painless:

  • Unlike invasive treatments, our therapy cap is non-invasive and painless. It’s a safe and gentle way to address hair loss concerns without the need for surgery or chemicals.

6. Effective Therapy Cap:

  • With 70 LEDs, this cap provides even and consistent coverage to maximize the benefits of red light therapy.

7. Discreet and Stylish:

  • The sleek design of this therapy cap resembles a stylish black turtleneck, allowing you to wear it discreetly without drawing attention.

8. Long-Lasting Results:

  • Consistent use of our Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap can lead to noticeable improvements in hair quality, thickness, and overall health, ultimately supporting hair regrowth.

Revitalize your hair with the power of red light therapy. Experience the confidence that comes with a healthier, fuller head of hair. Make the Red Light Infrared Therapy Cap a part of your daily hair care routine and unlock your hair’s true potential.

Order yours today and say goodbye to hair loss concerns.


  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Certification: CE, Dot, EAC, EPA, FCC, GMP, RoHS, TGA, UL, KC, pse, WEEE
  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product


►Strong penetration, penetrate subcutaneous fat to wake up the hair follicles, and reproduce the richness and toughness of the hair.
►Enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and metabolism, promote hair growth.
►Can regulate oil secretion, nourish hair follicles, care scalp, create a good hair growth environment.
►The red light device uses red 660nm and Infrared 850nm leds

Product Parameters:

1. LED quantity: 70PCS (06W-LED chip)
2. Input voltage: input AC100-240V, output voltage DC 5V 2A
3. External battery: support power bank 5V
4. Shell material: 0K cloth + TPU
5. Optical power: 124.1mw
6. Size: 200*70 mm
7. Spectrum: 660:850 (660nm: 42*3 crystals/piece 850mm: 28*3 crystals/piece)
8. Gross weight: 0.6kg
9. Maximum actual power: 9W
10.Color: Black
11.Age Range:Adult
12.Scope of application: Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, postpartum hair loss
13.Power socket: Type-C

Packing List:

1*LED Near Infrared Red Light Therapy Cap
1*Instruction Manual
1*USB cable
1*Retail Box(Option available)



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