0.06mm Prosthesis Hair Pieces Skin Men Wig Natural Human Hair Replacement System Men Toupee 100% Human Hair Prosthesis Male Wig


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  • In-store Pickup: NEW YORK
  • Knot: V loop
  • Size: 8*10
  • Model Number: Skin base
  • Toupee Base: PU
  • Hair Material: European Hair
  • Toupee Texture: 30mm
  • Hair Grade: Remy Hair
  • Life Span: 6 months
  • Longest Hair Proportion: >=60%
  • Brand Name: evasmooth
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Base thickness: 0.04mm-0.06mm
  • Style1: men's wigs
  • Style2: 100% human hair wig
  • Style5: protese capilar masculina
  • Style6: hair system for men

Handmade Men Toupee

Base Design: Thin Skin Men Toupee Transparent Full Pu Base .V-Loop Invisible Knot´╝îCan e cut in size
Hair Type/ Material: 100% Human Hair
Hair Length: 6"
Hair Wave: 30mm-Slight Wave
Hair Density:medium light to medium 120% Density
Hair Style: Free Style
Made Method: Hand Tied
Stock: Yes
Can Be Customized: Yes
Notice:1. #1B10 Means Color #1B with 10% Grey Hair. #1B20 Means Color #1B with 20% Grey Hair.

How to measure the size

Hair Density

How to Apply?

How to ventilate hair onto the base of a hairpiece

Before and After

Care method:
a. Wash the hair in one week.
b. Water to wet hair,use a mild Shampoo, Rinse and leave to dry.
c. Comb with a wire brush after dry.
d. You can perming dyeing, but please remember do not do this too frequent,and remember to use the nutrition water.
e. The combs you`d better choose the round with wide-toothed comb.
f. Don't make the hair under the blazing sun for quite a long time.
g. Don't blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier.
h. Don't grasping the root of hair overexert when washing.


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